Day 5
Dec 20 2017


Regent Park School of Music is a non-profit community music school offering young people (ages 3-18) a music education by removing the financial obstacle. RPSM has given 1,000 young people a highly subsidized quality music education at their central hub in Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park and in Jane and Finch and other high-priority neighbourhoods in Toronto. Their goal is to help kids succeed through music. For over 18 years they have seen that the study of music allows young people to flourish creatively, personally and academically…enriching their lives and future prospects.RPSM students have access to over 80 dedicated music teachers and an array of musical options and instruments. They study everything from classical piano and violin to turntablism and electronic music and perform all over the city.

For more information about Regeant Park School of Music, please visit their website at