Initially Preferred Routes for Revolutionary Freight and Passenger Transport System Revealed
Apr 24 2017

Hyperloop One, the potentially revolutionary new transportation mode now under development, has completed a year-long consultation to examine and define routes that would most benefit the U.S. economy and its citizens, in what the company believes will be the first step in revolutionizing American, and indeed the world's, transportation infrastructure. Proposals were made by local stakeholders and transportation authorities and, from these, Hyperloop identified 11 corridors that the company states would connect 35 metro areas and 83 million Americans.


Among the ideas: Las Vegas to Reno, in just 42 minutes (compared with 7 hours by car or 1 hour 15 minutes by plane), Chicago to Columbus, in 29 minutes, and Denver to Boulder, in 5 minutes (compared with a 90-minute drive).


The Hyperloop -- slogan "Think Broadband for Transportation" -- for which a development track is being built in the Nevada desert and which is expected to be running trials this year, runs a transportation pod capable of carrying either passengers or freight in a sealed tube that has had most of the air removed to minimize friction, and is projected to be able to run at 1080 km/h -- three times the speed of high-speed rail at two thirds the cost, according to Hyperloop One.


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