CETA Update
Jul 25 2017



The CSCB has contacted CBSA to ask when a D memorandum on CETA will be available. They have responded with the following:


CBSA D-Memoranda, related to Free Trade Agreements (FTA), is a reflection of regulations, made under the Customs Act, that have been approved by the Governor in Council and published in Part II of the Canada Gazette.  CBSA regulations to implement a new FTA typically take up to 3 years to complete this process, thereby postponing the update of related D-Memoranda.

In the interim, the CBSA issues 2 customs notices when implementing a new FTA; the first notice provides policy information required by traders to begin taking advantage of the new preferential tariff treatment and the second notice outlines the proposed regulatory changes necessary to implement the agreement.  This regulatory customs notice allows the CBSA to make the regulatory changes retroactive to the date of implementation while awaiting the Canada Gazette publication. This retroactivity is provided for under section 167.1(b) of the Customs Act.

Once Global Affairs Canada has formally announced an implementation date, the CBSA will issue similar customs notices for the CETA, prior to that date.