The USMCA and De Minimis
Oct 10 2018

CSCB October 10, 2018 The USMCA and De Minimis The CSCB has contacted the Department of Finance regarding references to de minimis in the text of the USMCA. Two questions and answers follow and it’s important to keep in mind that the following information may change. The de minimis amo...
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Cargo rollovers cause chaos on Transpacific
Aug 29 2018

Mike King Wednesday, 22 August 2018 US importers are paying premiums to find open slots and avoid cargo rollovers on transpacific services from Asia due to surging demand and a lack of capacity, according to leading forwarders. “There are increasing number of container rollovers on the transpac...
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NAFTA’s invisible but critical Mexican trucking debate
Aug 22 2018

Mike Meierkort August 22nd, 2018 The ongoing trade dispute between the US and China (and more recently with Turkey) has understandably pushed the lingering NAFTA negotiations into the recesses of the public’s attention. Yet for those with a vested interest in North American ground freight, the latest developments in the NAFTA talks...
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China hoping to secure free-trade agreement with Canada amid rising tensions with U.S.
Aug 20 2018

Ian Bickis Written: August 20, 2018 Updated: August 23, 2018 China’s ambassador to Canada said Monday he hopes to make progress on a free-trade agreement with Canada and others amid his country’s rising trade tensions with the United States. “On the background of unilateralism and trade protectionism, China sincerely hopes we can s...
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Factories are desperate for skilled workers
Feb 07 2018

SARAH EFRON PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 4, 2018UPDATED FEBRUARY 5, 2018 The shortage of skilled workers in Canada's industrial sector is reaching a new intensity, with many factory owners saying the lack of talent is hindering the growth of their companies. "It's getting worse every year," says Doug Kamphuys at Ellesmere Fabricators Ltd., a custom steel fabricator that ma...
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