Rodair Global Projects Division: Hydro Runner Move from Mexico to Canada Apr 24 2018

Rodair Global Projects Division: Hydro Runner Move from Mexico to Canada


Rodair International’s Global Projects Division (RGPD) successfully completed a hydro runner move from a factory in Morelia, Mexico to a remote hydro electric facility in Saint John, Canada. RGPD developed a strategic solution with their agents, ITM Projects Mexico, to transport the over dimensional and overweight hydro runner by ocean freight and RO/RO service.


Due to the hydro power plant’s scheduled outage, the delivery timeframe was a critical factor in the movement of the cargo. In addition to the time sensitivity, the cargo's six meter circumference and 85,500KGS made the delivery portion a large challenge. Road transportation by the regular port of discharge was impossible because the only highway up to the facility was under construction. Also, alternative ports of discharge close to the site were frozen during the winter months making them unusable.  


As the lead Project Manager, RGPD evaluated all possible alternative solutions for delivery including an Antonov charter and rail options.  In consultation with heavy haul rail carriers and engineering consultants, RGPD was able to devise a customized transport solution consisting of a lifting device that would allow the hydro runner to move vertically over the rail from the port of discharge to the nearest rail siding 160 KM from the power plant. On arrival to the rail siding, the hydro runner was returned to its original horizontal position for delivery into the power plant 300M underground.


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