How autonomous cargo boats could disrupt the massive shipping industry Oct 11 2017

New York, NY – A boat with no crew has no need for sleeping quarters, kitchens, or bathrooms, and can devote more of that space to products for transport; crewless shipping boats also don’t incur the costs associated with keeping people at sea for long stretches.
Autonomous ships will not only enhance global shipping capacity (lowering transport costs and fuel consump…
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Press Release: Living Locally - Impacting Globally Oct 06 2017

Living Locally - Impacting Globally
Rodair International’s Leia Pengelley Wins National Contest
MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Oct. 6, 2017 - The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) in partnership with Overseas Containers Forwarding Inc. (OCF) and Habitat for Humanity Canada launched a National Contest for a chance to win a Habitat Global Vil…
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How luxury cars are flown around the world Oct 05 2017

Transporting a special-order automobile often involves a measure of cloak-and-dagger for Rodair International Ltd., a Canadian company specializing in freighting high-value goods into North America.
"Confidentiality for clients and keeping these vehicles from prying eyes are often paramount," says Jeff Cullen, CEO of Rodair, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this f…
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Can cargo airlines bypass freight forwarders? Sep 29 2017

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the head of cargo at one carrier revealed to Air Cargo News that his company is taking steps to prepare for direct engagement with shippers.
He pointed to a convergence of factors – chiefly a need for shippers to curtail costs and the evolution of tools that facilitate direct dealings with airlines – as the major drivers of this deve…
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Trudeau, May strike working group for 'seamless' post-Brexit trade transition Sep 19 2017

Canada-EU trade deal can form the basis for a transition after U.K. leaves EU, prime ministers suggest Canada's free trade deal with the European Union will form the basis for a swift transition to a post-Brexit trading relationship between Canada and the U.K., Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his British counterpart Theresa May suggested Monday.
To read the ful…
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